Bank of America Credit Card Activation Step by Step Guide

Activating credit card with Bank of America is quite imperative. Of course, Bank of America operates over more than 50 states. Moreover, it has nearly more than 4,600 banking branches and has 15,900 ATM’s. The Bank pride itself in offering both the credit and debit card to the users, which is affiliated with Visa.  If a user opened a bank account, they will receive a Visa Debit Card. Then, the user can apply directly for Bank of America Credit Card. By applying, the user gets some bonus rewards like travel package or many more. However, before beginning to use the card; you will need to activate the card promptly. For this, the user has to visit the official website and precede the further steps. Moreover, the activation process is so simple and easy.  You can activate your Debit Card using the following three methods namely,

Activating Your Credit Card Online:

The online activation process is simple and easy. Anyone can easily activate the credit card through online. For this, the user has to visits the official website of link in order to activate the debit card. The activation process never takes your own time. With simple steps, you can easily activate your debit card without any hassle.

Steps involved for activating Bank of America card:

bankofamerica activate

Are you thinking this process requires more time? If so, it is not. Activating your BoA credit card has become very easy. The online activation portal can be accessed by anyone easily can activate your card at any time and anywhere. Just with the internet connection, you can easily activate your card. In order to activate your card online, follow the simple steps, which is given below:

  • Visit the official website
  • Select the Bank of America icon and tap with just a single click
  • Then the main page will display on the screen
  • Make the login process
  • Enter the account details using your user ID and password
  • Allow your card to activate.
  • Enter the 16-digit code present in the front portion of the card, which is available just above the cardholder name.
  • Then, enter the card expiry date
  • Enter the unique CCV number, which is located at the backside of the card.

Activate Your Card By Phone:

Are you a citizen of America? If so, then activation of your credit card is very easy. If you are the person who is in the United States, the number to call for your credit card activation is 1 (888) 624-2323. By using this phone number, you can easily activate your credit card. But if you are the person reside outside of America, you need to use International toll-free number (925) 675-6195. Moreover, this method is also beneficial to the aged people in particular who discover the online activation process too intricate to understand.

Activating via ATM:

By using ATM’s you can activate your credit card without any hassle. For this, the user has to visit nearby BoA ATM center. Then just slot your credit card, enter your PIN and activate your credit card. Then, you can use it for any payments right away.

Download the Mobile App:

In order to reduce the workforce, BoA developed a mobile app for the end users. You can simply download the Bank of America’s mobile app to an iPad, iPhone, Android device or Windows 10 device. This is specially developed for the users who are far away to the Bank. After the downloading process, just install the app and allow them to run on your mobile device. Then, just click the Bank of America icon and fill the necessary details. Then, the user must enter the login credentials. With this smart app, one can easily activate the credit card and then start using it.

Benefits of activating credit card with BoA:

BoA offers some cash bonus for grocery stores, wholesale clubs like online shopping, furniture and many more. With the cash back bonus, you can enjoy a better shopping experience. Moreover, you can also get a bonus of 25% to 75% on every cash rewards. If you have at least 20,000 minimum balances in BoA, you will get a chance of a bonus of 25% on your cash back. If you have more than 1, 00,000 you will able to get 75% of bonus on your cash back. In addition, they will not ask any annual fee. It has a high credit rewards rate compared with other organizations. The credit card offers deliverance flexibility by leasing you book your travel on your own and then exchange your credit points for a statement credit.

  • Selecting a credit card

Of course, selecting a credit card is different and somewhat difficult. However, with the BoA, they are compiled some imperative kindness to aid you to choose the best credit card for you.

  • Managing your credit card

BoA is responsible in order to get most out of your credit card. In addition, they are pride in providing some huge advantages to the cardholders. Always, enjoy the best rewards from the BoA.

  • Paying down your liability

In order to manage your credit card liability, the user must follow some simple steps. The steps will give assurance in order to ensure you are pointed in the right direction.

  • Improving your credit

Simply, having better credit routine can guide to a better credit score. With our useful tips, the user can improve the credit score.

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