Food Lion Survey @ to Win $500 Gift Card

The Food Lion Survey at has been designed in order to measure the level of satisfaction of their customers. In order to increase and improve the experience for our customers, it has been decided to float this survey. With this survey Food Lion banks on a chance to win over lost customers with the help of honest reviews so that Food Lion can evaluate their follies in order to augment the gratification of the customers and get their approval. With this survey not only do the customers get a platform to voice their demands but it comes with a sweet reward to win a $500 gift card once you complete the survey successfully. For more details on the survey, please read on…

Food lion Survey

Food Lion is a chain of grocery stores, centered in Salisbury, N.C. found in 1957. This retail stores chain operates more than 1,100 grocery stores in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. This company proudly boasts a network of more than 63,000 associates with the capacity to serve approximately 10 million customers within a week; yes you heard that right, 10 million customers a week. Using its power of influence because of its longstanding heritage of convenient and low prices at well located locations, Food Lion is working with the aim to cater to its customers the easiest full shop grocery experience in the Southeast, and with its strong work ethic it is secured by a strong commitment to affordability, freshness and the people they accommodate for. The aim of Food Lion has been to provide fresh groceries in order to keep the community and healthy. Food Lion is aware of its responsibility to the people and thus provides nothing less than the best. With its noble target and sense of responsibility, Food Lion has decided to give its customers chance to put their opinions forward so that the company can rectify their mistakes and stay true to its goal and aim.

How you can win $500 in Food Lion Survey

Food Lion survey held by the platform is no doubt the most trouble free and fun survey you would ever participate in and the rewards which you receive can actually turn into the cherry on the top with the $500 gift card you get a chance to win in the end. In order to take this survey, you just need a few simple things ready with you while taking this survey.

Following is the list of things, necessary for you to take this entertaining survey:

  • You should own a working computer with a good internet connection.
  • The receipt of your latest buy from a Food Lion store near you.
  • You should be able to read and write fluent English.
  • Details such as store receipt, reward card number, time etc. which are to be found on the receipt from a Food Lion outlet.
  • A vivid remembrance of your last visit to a Food Lion store which you can easily recall.
  • Your browser should have java script enabled.
  • Lastly, you should be of the age 18 years or older in order to be able to take part in the survey.

You have to follow the following instructions in order to successfully complete the survey and keep in handy the above mentioned things:

  • Go to the Food Lion survey site at
  • Next, you have to enter the required details which are provided on the receipt.
  • Now you just have to click on the ‘enter’ option to begin the survey.
  • The survey cannot be started without the Survey code, so make sure that you do not lose the receipt.
  • The survey will ask you only 10-15 simple and easy to understand questions.
  • You should answer each and every question to the best of your knowledge.
  • Once you complete the survey you will be provided with a special code which can be utilized to get a hold of $500 gift card.
  • The special code which you are given is valid for 30 days only and one should redeem it within the 30 days, else it would expire.

About the Food Lion Survey

This easy yet enjoyable survey only takes around ten to fifteen minutes to complete. In the Food Lion survey you will have to answer questions revolving around your experience at our Food Lion stores. You have to rate your answers from the tabs ‘Strongly Disagree’, ‘Disagree’, ‘Neither Disagree or Agree’, ‘Agree’ and lastly ‘Strongly Disagree’. In order to avoid any mistakes please note that the Strongly Disagree tab to Strongly agree tab runs from left to right with Strongly Disagree tab on the left and Strongly Agree tab on the right.

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Food Lion survey at is the platform which all the customers have been waiting for where one can voice their honest, genuine and frank feedbacks for the company to work on so that the experience of the customers themselves are enhanced. And on top of all this, a participant of this survey gets the chance to win a gift card of $500 at the end of the survey. So, basically everyone is a winner at Talk to food lion survey. Within fifteen minutes you can be a proud owner of a $500 gift card and have the knowledge that your opinions are going to be heard and worked upon, how often does that happen, huh?

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