KFC Survey – Participate in KFC Survey & Claim A Free Chicken Go-Cup Prize


KFC Survey  : Could you guess? Everyone’s favourite food that gives delicious, spicy and yummy taste filled in the whole bucket to appetising your taste buds, so what it is? I can hear you. Yes, you are right. We are talking about the KFC chicken. The crispy layered of KFC chicken is undoubtedly all time favourite for everyone. A single bite of KFC chicken melts in our mouth and leaves the real taste to the tongue so that urges us to taste it again and again. There is no age limit to taste a KFC chicken. That’s why it has a huge fan following starts with young children to elder ones.

Are you aware of KFC survey and its prize? Normally, a gift makes everyone happy that too if we get a chance to get it from KFC means no one will ready to leave it. Everyone would like to get the prize. If you want to get the prize, you need to participate in KFC guest experience survey. It is not a complicated one. It is just a simple survey to the customers for collecting their honest opinions regarding KFC.  Do you want to participate it? If so, read this whole article to know how to participate in the survey and how to get the prize.

How to participate in KFC survey?

KFC survey is nothing but it is honouring the valuable customers to evaluate the quality of food products. If they evaluated properly then they will be rewarded with a free KFC chicken go cup. Both your positive and negative answers are acceptable. So feel free to fetch your answers through the online survey. So what you need to enter this survey.

Essential requirements for KFC survey:

If you like to attend this survey, you must have the recent purchasing bill of KFC. This bill is mandatory during the entry process so don’t throw it away. Next, you must have the survey code. You can access from any device like a computer, laptop, or smart phone but all you need is a good internet connection facility on your device. You should have provided the exact date and time of the receipt. And you should know either English or Spanish language. Because the survey webpage is designed in those two languages. If you understand any one of the languages then it will be easy for you to proceeds the survey.

What are the eligibility criteria to attend this survey?

You need to agree with some terms and conditions of this KFC survey before participation. The terms and conditions are you should attain the age of at least 15 and above which means below 15 years are not allowed. You should belong to the area where KFC restaurant is available.  You should use the receipt within 7 days. Because the validity for the receipt is only for 7 days after that it will be expired. And you can’t use it any more. You should use the coupon within 30 days. After that, you can’t use it since it has the validation period only for 30 days. Only one person can use the coupon for only one time. If a coupon is used once then it is not acceptable next time.

What is the main aim of KFC survey?

The main aim of this survey is to understand the pros and cons of the quality and service of KFC through the feedbacks of customers. Here, customers are the real judge. No can give the right judgement about the food other than customers. By doing this, we get a nice to know whether we satisfied the customers or not. If they are not satisfied then we will concentrate on the weaker areas for better improvement. And through this survey, it is easy to know about other things like staff behaviour, KFC ambiance, cleanliness and neatness related to everything of KFC.

How to start and complete the survey?


Many people do not know how to participate in this survey. In the motive of helping them, here we are going to give a step by step procedure for how to do the survey. It is very easy and it will be completed in a few minutes. Let’s start.

Step 1: First and foremost you must have your own purchasing receipt of KFC. To get the receipt, you need to go to the nearest KFC shop and buy KFC food items. And get the bill. Keep it safe.

Step 2: The second step is you should go the official website of KFC survey i.e. mykfcexperience.com. Once the page is opened, it will ask you to enter the survey code. Don’t search everywhere for the survey code. It is simply present in the bill. See the code and type it correctly.

Step 3: If you have submitted the survey code, then you will get some sort of questions regarding KFC food and the experience from KFC. Try to give the true answers to all the questions.

Step 4: After answering all the questions, you will get a coupon at the final step of the survey. That coupon comes with a coupon code. So note the coupon code in your receipt for later use.

Step 5: The final happiest step is you have to produce that coupon code in KFC restaurant and get your free chicken.

KFC makes the customer happy by rewarding them with the free coupon for KFC go cup worth of $2.49 dollars. The customers who have completed the survey and have free coupons then that coupons can be used anywhere in the world. Because KFC restaurant is currently active in 118 countries with 19 thousand franchises. It is in the top place by providing the better services day by day. So, we are ready to continue this survey for rewarding our customers with a good gift. But all we need is the customer’s proper reviews.  The proper reviews of the customers can help us to take our service to the next level. For more details, you can contact our website, www.kfc.com.

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