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Paying your hospital bill is quite a tough task. The discharge process is even tougher. But to eradicate all these glitches Athena Health has come up with an online service by which you can pay your medical bill with ease. It is known as Quick Pay Portal. With this portal, you can save your precious time, and pay your bill in no time.

This American company has introduced the portal for the betterment of patients and their kins and provides an option of carrying out medical bills almost ten times faster as compared to the traditional method. Athena Health provides all sorts of cloud-based health care services to their customers. It is quite popular in America, as with this you have to go for a few clicks only to carry out your payment process.

Quickpayportal with a website www.quickpayportal.com is actually a hospital Bill Payment website which allows the patients to pay their treatment bill online. So if you are also in a mood to pay your bill online, then you are at the correct platform.

How to use Quick Pay Portal

Any patient of their caretakers has to visit the website of Quick Pay Portal and go for the sign in process. They have to follow the rules and regulations to register themselves in the portal. Fill the necessary details to avail the facilities and hit the save button. From now onwards you can visit the website and after logging in you can view your complete details along with the billing amount.

How to pay the medical bill using the Quick Pay Code

For paying your bill through Quick Pay code, you have to sign in yourself with the 15 digit code. You have to keep this code safe and need not share its details so that you can use this exclusively during your bill payment. Now after logging in check all the details regarding your treatment, date of joining, your total amount and the dues to be paid in the portal. Go through the correctness and pay the bill. Then log out of your system for safety purpose and unwanted use of your own Quick Pay Portal account.

You can pay your medical bill at any time, as per your suitability. You can get all the payment-related information in your registered mail id and mobile number. It provides you with an option of partial payment as well as full payment. So the paying amount completely depends on you. The portal retains the payment history and payment cycle, which you can access anytime without any difficulty.

Quick Pay Code

A Quick Pay Code is an authentic code, which any patient can avail during their admission process from the hospital. This 15 digit code is also known as an id access code or state code. You can get this free of cost and can access the service at any time. You can access your billing information as well with the Quick Pay Code.

 On the other hand, you can also use your access code or Statement ID to enter into the Quick Pay Portal. You will find it on the patient statement. Quick Pay Code is completely secured by which you can pay your medical bill.

Patient Billing Information Guide

You can view your account and the current bill through your Quick Pay Portal account. It also provides you an option of verifying your bill date wise. Once you enter into the portal, check for Recent Charges Payable tab to view your current billing cycle. Here are the steps to view the hospital billing

•    Open the Quick pay Portal, the official website from your system or mobile browser.

•    Log yourself in with your accurate credentials

•    Go to the account balance option and check your billing information date wise

•    You can check your account statement as well by accessing the Billing tab.

•    Here you can keep your credit and debit card details for faster payment. You have to go to the payment method for the same.

Quick Guide For Quick Pay Portal

If you want to pay your medical bill with conveniently and safely, then Quick Pay Portal is the best medium, but to access this portal you have to furnish some conditions. You have to be 18 years old at least, and should have to identifiers who can approve your credibility for opening an account on the Quick Pay Portal.

 In addition to that, you should have a valid login name and strong password to keep your account secure and safe. You can alter your password at any time from the security setting tab available in the portal. Apart from that, you must have a system with a better network connection and a working internet browser.

Google Chrome will be the best browser to access Quick Pay Portal. The last but not the least an email account in which you will receive all your payment related emails. So you have to set up a secure mail id with an accurate Quick Pay Portal account for better accessibility

Bottom Line

Quick Pay Portal is the finest channel for any patient to pay their medical bill online. Apart from billing it also provides an access to consult with the doctor, make an appointment, request for prescription as well. So you can access the superlative services from Athena Health Services through Quick Pay Portal.

And in case of an emergency you can make a call to 911. You can also make a call to the hospital directly during the working hour as and when required.

One of the important things to remember is, Quick Pay Portal doesn’t have any mobile application for Android or iOs platform. So always use this from your personal computer. You can also visit the portal with your login credentials through the Quick Pay Portal mobile site and pay the bill.

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