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TollByPlate ( a great technology that is being implemented in many US cities currently. Many people are interested in knowing how to use TollByPlate as not only it saves time while driving but also reduces the traffic congestion near toll booths.

If you are interested in knowing more about TollByPlate, then in this article we will be covering all important topics related to TollByPlate technology, including how to use TollByPlate, how to pay toll by plate without invoice, toll by plate app, toll by plate contact, Florida toll by plate out of state, and Sunpass app.

What is TollByPlate?

Toll booths are something that majorly increases the traffic congestion on almost all highways in the United States of America.

Even though state and federal governments have been trying out various ways to reduce the traffic due to toll booths for years, none of them really worked out.

However, the latest TollByPlate technology is finally bringing down the traffic congestion due to toll booths.

TollByPlate is also known as Toll By Plate or Pay by Plate and the same technology is also implemented in calculating parking meter charges across major cities in the United States as well.

How Does TollByPlate Work?

As the name suggests, the TollByPlate technology works by adding on the toll payments on to the mobile number that is registered with the plate number of the vehicle that you are driving.

Which means that once you pass through a toll point, the installed cameras will note the plate number of the vehicle you are driving and add an amount to the plate number.

You can later pay the toll amount by accessing the TollByPlate web portal and you can access all the pending amount by simply entering your vehicle’s plate number or mobile number.

Once you enter the plate number of your vehicle or the mobile number (whichever is asked for), the web portal will provide you with all the pending toll payments that you have to make.

You can then choose any supported payment options and pay off your toll payments from right within the web portal.

The benefit of TollByPlate technology is that it completely removes the necessity of having toll booths as all the toll payments are automatically added to the vehicle’s number plate.

Moreover, it also makes collecting toll payments highly efficient for toll companies as the toll payments can be done by drivers using a mobile application or the official TollByPlate website instead of waiting in toll booths or visiting any offices.

Where Can I Use TollByPlate?

Now that you understood what TollByPlate means, you can also get that the TollByPlate technology cannot be implemented everywhere.

TollByPlate is only supported on cashless tolling points in highways. So before traveling on a highway, you need to check if whether the exits that you are choosing are cashless tolling points.

Toll By Plate Contact

If you are looking for Toll By Plate Contact, then there are different ways by which you can contact Toll By Plate section of PA Turnpike.

The easiest way for Toll By Plate Contact is by dialing the Toll By Plate phone number at +1 888-824-8655. Another TollByPlate phone number that you can use for Toll By Plate contact is 1.877.736.6727.

Alternatively, you can also choose to perform TollByPlate Contact by sending them a fax. The TollByPlate contact fax number is 717.565.4312.

Finally, there is also an option to write a letter for TollByPlate contact. The address to which you need to write the letter for TollByPlate contact is given below:

300 East Park Drive

Harrisburg, PA 17111

Toll By Plate App for iOS and Android

As we mentioned before, you have to pay the TollByPlate bills online using the official website.

However, for added convenience, there is Toll By Plate Apps for iOS and Android that are available.

Toll By Plate Mobile App for Alabama

Alabama Toll-By-Plate is the official Toll By Plate mobile app for the state of Alabama.

If you wish to download Android version of Toll By Plate mobile app for the state of Alabama, click here.

If you want to download iOS version of Toll By Plate mobile app for Alabama, click here.

Toll By Plate Mobile App for Florida

The state of Florida also has an official Toll By Plate mobile app for Florida.

You can download the official Toll By Plate mobile app for Florida Android version from here and iOS version from here.

How to Pay Florida Toll By Plate Out Of State?

If you are bringing your own out of state vehicle to Florida, then you still can pay Florida toll by plate out of state vehicle without any issues.

To pay Florida toll by plate out of state vehicles, you need to set up a prepaid account. If you do not set up a prepaid account, then the toll by plate amount will be charged to your vehicle’s number plate address and you can later choose to pay the invoice when the invoice reaches your address.

If you are using a rental vehicle, regardless of whether registered in Florida or not, you need to contact with the company that rented you the vehicle and ask them about the policy they have in place with respect to how toll payments are handled.

Each company that offer rental vehicle service will have a different policy so it is best that you get in touch with them.

How To Pay Toll By Plate Without Invoice?

If you are interested in knowing how to pay toll by plate without invoice, then there are different payment options that you can choose from.

If you want to know how to pay Toll By Plate without invoice, then you can find all the official details about how to pay toll by plate without invoice here

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