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www.yourkfc.co.uk  : Get 20% off prize at United Kingdom YourKFC

The KFC has introduced this 20% offer price at the UK in the motive of improving the restaurant in all the ways. They would like to give the perfect service to valuable customers. That is why they are conducting this customer satisfaction survey to know more about the customers and their opinions. Because they are having huge fans in the UK. There are 700 KFC restaurants are available in the UK. So to fulfil all the customers in a good way, this survey is a must. You will be amazed if I say how many chickens sell by KFC in the UK every year. Are you eager to know it? The answer is it comes around 60,000 metric tonnes. Oh! my god such a huge amount. Isn’t it? All the credit goes to our precious customers. Because of them, we have reached this height. This is the reason for honouring them with the reward of 20% off to make our customers happy.

What are the main goals of KFC survey?


The main goal of the KFC survey is fully focused on the improvisation area. Yes, through this survey they are improving their food quality and service before providing it to the customers in the motive of not losing them. Why we are insisting them for this survey?  The reason is they are our perfect guests to taste our food. They can give the correct feedback better than our team. This survey gives a nice platform to connect with the customers for identifying whether we are making them happy or not. It is a good opportunity to know how customers are satisfied with our food and our services. This survey is helpful for guiding our team in a correct path to develop our restaurant in all possible ways.

What are the essential requirements you need to attend this KFC survey?

Obviously, we all like to participate in this survey. But before moving to that you must have some important things such as you should get into this survey with the purchased bill of KFC. If you don’t have the bill with you at the entry then you are not allowed to attend this survey. Next, you should have the survey code. The survey code is printed in the purchased bill itself. The survey code is important. So don’t miss your bill. Since this survey is conducted online, you must have your device with a proper internet connection. You must provide the correct date and time of receipt that indicates your last purchase at KFC. It is easy for people who know the basics of English. If you understand the English language then you can proceed further.

What are the KFC terms and conditions to participate in the survey?

You should agree with the terms and conditions of the KFC survey before moving to the survey. The conditions are as follows. Your KFC purchase is a must. Get your bill from KFC and it should be used within 3 days once you have received from the shop. Only 3 days, validity for your bill. The coupon is valid for only 14 days. So you are requested to use that coupon within 14 days. The time limit of one survey period comes around for 30 days. So you can utilize this survey period within 30 days. In order to get the 20% off coupon, your purchased rate should be in the minimum level of 5 pounds. And the most important one is you must have your survey receipt to get your coupon. You will be rewarded if you submit the survey receipt at KFC.

How to start the yourKFC survey?

Are you ready to answer our questions? But are you struggling to start it? No worries. We are here to help you. Let’s see the clear steps for starting this survey.

Step 1: Visit KFC at the UK and purchase for any amount. They will provide you with a bill. So keep it yourself.

Step 2: go to the official UK survey web portal i.e. yourkfc.co.uk. The survey page asks you to enter the information like store number, date, time, order name. All this information is available in the bill. So just see your bill and type all the information correctly. And then click the continue button.

Step 3: you will be triggered by some sort of questions related to food and service at KFC. So try to give genuine answers to all the questions. If you finished the survey then you will get the survey code. Please note it down on the receipt. It is an important one at the time of receiving your coupon.

Step 4: Finish the survey successfully and finally you will be rewarded by the 20% off coupon and it is only valid for the next 14 days. Keep it in mind. Don’t miss this chance.

Do you how important the customer satisfaction survey is? When we talk about customer satisfaction we should consider the four important terms such as quality, efficiency, service, and reliability. The team of KFC knows retaining a customer is an art. The customer satisfaction survey is useful for measuring the customer to know about their loyalty. The main reason for this survey is even the most loyal customers can leave you in the blink of an eye. So we should not allow them to leave us. This survey helps us to differentiate our food from others. This survey will return our customers to taste our food again and again. Through this survey, the customers can get the great experience for promoting our food items to the high level. Overall the customer satisfaction is defined by how our product, service, and experience either falls short, meets, or exceeds.

If you have any queries you can call the KFC UK restaurant. The mobile number is available on the website. And the website address is www.kfc.co.uk. This is the official website so can contact them for all your doubts. They are ready to clarify you at anytime and anywhere.

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